3 Way to a Fun and Challenging Workout

Snatch an accomplice and a drug ball! That is all you requirement for this straightforward, compelling center exercise.

Prescription balls arrive in an assortment of loads and are lifted, tossed, and got in an assortment of ways for exercise. For this exercise, it’s ideal in the event that you pair up with somebody of comparative quality. You’ll need to snatch a weight that permits to you both to finish 3 sets of 15 reps for each activity and keep legitimate form. If the weight is excessively simple, increment it marginally. In the event that it’s excessively hard, marginally decline it.

Note: Some of these activities incorporate developments and contorting that can be dangerous for those with lower back issues. Counsel with a doctor or fitness coach before doing this exercise, if at all concerned.

Medication Ball Partner Workout

Reps: 15

Sets: 3 Per Exercise

Burden: Challenging Weight

Rest: 60 Seconds Between Sets

Evaluated Total Time: 55 min


Russian Twists

Standing Torso Twists

Chest Passes

Side Throws

Over Unders

Hello Lo Passes

Sit-Up Tosses

Download Stability Ball Workout PDF

Tips For Using Medicine Balls

Pick a weight sufficiently substantial to give opposition, on the off chance that you utilize a ball that is excessively overwhelming—you may hazard harming yourself!

Change up any quality development by utilizing a drug ball rather than a portable weight or free weight.

Accomplice exercises and group transfers are additionally ideal for prescription ball use as they are anything but difficult to pass and enjoyable to utilize!

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