Easy Blueberry Eating habbit

Smaller than expected Blueberry Tarts

Fixings (yields 4 tarts)


1C crude almonds or 1C almond supper

2T margarine, softened

2T dark colored sugar

1/4t salt


~6T blueberry jam (custom made or locally acquired)

~1C crisp blueberries


Preheat broiler to 350F and shower tart skillet with nonstick cooking splash.

In a little sustenance processor, process crude almonds into almond flour. At that point include darker sugar and salt and heartbeat. Spot blend into a medium measured bowl and pour in 2T dissolved spread.

Utilizing a fork, altogether combine the outside fixings.

Separate hull blend into four equivalent segments. At that point, equitably empty ¼ of the blend into a little tart dish and press solidly with a spoon or your fingers. Rehash x 3.

Spot tart skillet on a cooking sheet and spread with tinfoil. At that point, prepare (secured) for 15 minutes.

Reveal tart dish and prepare for an extra 10 minutes or until the outside layer starts to dark colored. Pivot container at regular intervals.

Give the coverings a chance to cool for around 30 minutes. At that point, equitably spread on about ~1 ½ T of blueberry jam (or any sort of jam).

At last, place blueberries over jam. Appreciate!

Nourishment per serving (1/2 tart): 154 calories, 8g fat, 18g carbs (2g fiber, 12g sugars), 3g protein

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