6 menopause myths debunked

Many previously taboo subjects – like menopause – are more openly talked about today. But instead of discussing the real experience of menopause, it’s often used as a punchline – like jokes about hot flashes. Myths about this stage of a woman’s life abound, making it hard to sort fact from fiction.

Here are some popular menopause myths best laid to rest – even if there’s a grain of truth to some of them.

Myth #1: Hot flashes and mood swings are the only symptoms

Many other symptoms are experienced during perimenopause and menopause. Though easy to dismiss as unrelated, each of the following are common menopause symptoms. (Thankfully, most of them are temporary.)

Fatigue – Sleeplessness and night sweats, due to your body’s decline in estrogen, may add to your overall feeling of tiredness.

Brain fog – If you’re having trouble remembering things or concentrating during the day, you’re not going crazy, and it’s not necessarily just a sign of aging.

Weight gain – While some weight gain may be due to the fact that your metabolism is slowing down, it can also be due in part to hormonal changes your body is going through.

Thinning hair and dryer skin – It’s not your imagination. Changes in your estrogen levels can affect the look and feel of your skin and hair.

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