10 Things You’ll Never Buy Once You Know What They’re Made Of!


  • Have you ever ordered a fancy drink or milkshake that is red or pink in color? probably.
    You see, from that Starbucks drink to the cherry ice cream you just picked up at the grocery store.
    the color comes from a variety of dyes which can be either both man-made or” natural” .why the quotes around the word “natural”?
  • Well, a few years ago there was a big backlash against food dyes because they were causing kids to have allergic reactions or go bonkers with hyperactivity.companies responded by cutting back on the synthetic dyes and re-labeling others as” natural”.
  • Now, before you start feeling all warm and fuzzy thinking your food dye is coming from a plant or a bean think again.
  • In the case of red foods, one of the popular sources of red dye is actually a bug. Ever seen natural red for” carmine” or Cochin eel extract netlist of ingredients?
  • those terms refer to the dye extract from the coach and yield bug. harvested in Peru in the Canary Islands the Cochin eels are dried crushed and soaked in a mixture that gives us this bright red color for our foods. Fun fact one pound of red dye requires 70,000 bugs to produce.

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