10 Things You’ll Never Buy Once You Know What They’re Made Of!

  • Let’s face, it most of us don’t really, ask questions about what is actually in the food and products we use.
  • Come to think of it, maybe That’s a good thing.
  • You see when you’re a company who has to make products for millions- or even billions of customers, sometimes adding strange and unconventional ingredients is a way to cut costs or save time.
  • Ahead we’ll show you some food and clothing items that are made from some rather “interesting” things.
  • We’ll also dispel one massive myth involving a rather popular consumer product.
  • It all might make you second-guess your purchase the next time you’re out shopping:
  • Of course, what would the richest article be without a quiz?
  • Stay tuned for our upcoming question, and we’ll give you the answer at the end.
  • For now, put down that sandwich and stop drinking that pop because you might just see some rather gross stuff ahead.
  • Just first we promise it contains no additives or unsettling ingredients that will do you any harm.
  • Just first we promise it contains no additives or unsettling ingredients that will do you any harm


  • they say that ignorance is bliss. we think this really is the case for millions of people who love to eat hot dogs.
  • ok so, deep down inside we know that these delicious little guys aren’t good for us.
  • they’re loaded with preservatives and chemicals which shouldn’t really be put in the human body.
  • But they taste so good, and no holiday or summer barbecue is complete without them- right?
  • Well, you may change your tune when you find out that no hot dog is complete without animal intestines.
  • Yep, those shiny and elastic casings have to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end with intestines either.
  • The joke with hot dogs has always been that they were made put in the leftovers of the animals-from the lips to the butts.
  • Unfortunately, they left out the snouts in that description.
  • That’s right, a good chunk of that delicious Frank inverter is actually made up of pig snouts.
  • Don’t think you can get away from those little pink noses by switching to all-beef hot dogs either.
  • You’re likely just swapping out the noses of one animal for another in this instance.YUM!

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